After a 30+ year gap, I’ve started writing columns again. During that time, I was a management consultant for Azimuth Partners, and I wrote articles to promote the company. I did have a regular column for the Washington Post/Newsweek syndicate: Newsbytes. For Newsbytes, I wrote primarily about technology issues and their social impact. I was best known for my writing  on the Year Two Thousand Bug (Y2K), and as a result, appeared on the NBC Networks.

What interest me most now are current events and politics, the subjects which have the most impact on our daily lives. I try to provide a personal perspective on these events. If these events affect or influence my life, I’m assuming they impact your life, too.

I welcome your feedback and comments. I hope what I write gets you to thinking about this subject and to talk about it, with me here, and your friends and neighbors. If you like what you’ve read, please share and refer this site to others.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Columnist/Journalist/Writer/Book Editor Co-Founder/CEO of Azimuth Partners, high tech consulting firm for 30+ years. Former columnist for the Washington Post/Newsweek syndicate.Development and Copy Editor for 4 commercially published books.

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